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Beyond State, Power, and Violence

Author: Abdullah Öcalan Description: After the dissolution of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) in 2002, internal discussions ran high, and fear and uncertainty about the future of the Kurdish freedom movement threatened to unravel the gains of decades of organizing and armed struggle. From his prison cell, Abdullah Öcalan intervened…

The Main Principles of Democratic Confederalism

Democratic Confederalism, as defined by Abdullah Öcalan is the ethical, political, and administrative expression of society – as a historical and sociological structure – in which different identities, factions and groups coexist in dialectical harmony. By this we are not referring to a classical confederal structure consisting of states, but…

A New Form of International Solidarity

PARADIGM, Radical Democracy
How can we understand democratic autonomy or democratic confederalism? Is it a system that is regionally specific and therefore only able to address the Kurdish population? I can explain the democratic autonomy by giving a historical overview, as follows: the earlier concept of non-state society later became known as civil…